5 Essential CX Optimization Tips for Small Online Businesses

You can deliver an unforgettable Customer Experience without breaking the bank or losing your mind.

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Design with the Client in Mind

The first great conclusion the Decibel report arrives to is that we don’t have to optimize our online presence with the sole goal of converting our users into customers. Optimize for experience, not for conversions. If we work with the sole goal of turning visitors into customers, we’ll fail to establish a strong and constructive relationship with them. We want our brand to be appreciated and remembered. A long-lasting positive impression turns visitors into repeat customers

Usability First

When we talk about usability, we’re referring to how easy and intuitive a website or app is. As Decibel notes, on average, two out of every 3 seconds that someone spends online, they spend on a smartphone. This makes mobile usability a top priority.

What to do

Usability ought to be a key concern for designers and developers. To prove how easy it is to navigate your website, you can reach out to customers, invite a friend to simulate a sale and tell you what they think you can improve, or consult a designer who’s versed in these issues.

Customize the Customer Experience

One of the main tips that Decibel shares is that of customizing user experience. 78% of consumers feel frustrated at the absence of customized content. 92% of sales, on the other hand, are influenced by customized suggestions.

How to Automate Responsibly and Reasonably

Automatization consists of delegating a process to a machine or technology. For instance, an online store automates your sales process. Newsletters can also be automated. A user fills a form with their email and our email marketing platform adds it to a mailing list, to which our newsletter will be automatically sent with the click of a button. Unsubscriptions and user tagging based on behavior are also automatically taken care of.

  • Calm: Automate low-complexity but time-consuming tasks so you and your employees don’t get overwhelmed.

What to Do

We should point at three great areas that we can automate: Our sales process, our social media activity, and our emailing.

Interactive Content

As Decibel notes, interactive content is what sets apart great CX from good CX. But, what is “interactive content”? The consultancy defines it as follows:

What to Do

There are many quick and easy ways to create interactive content. For instance, we can create interactive content for our Instagram presence by posting quizzes in the form of Instagram stories, designing custom filters, or making contests. If we’ll get ambitious, you can even dive into the world of augmented reality games.

Key Takeaways

  1. Optimize for experience, not for conversions.
  2. Usability and accessibility win the day every day.
  3. Automate the low-complexity busywork that fills your schedule but it’s not at the core of your business.
  4. Provide interactive and customized content to get customers to spend time with your brand.
  5. Stay genuine, don’t set up unnecessary barriers between your customers and yourself, the “human touch” never goes out of style.

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