This post was originally published by Nazarena Feld on the 19th of August, 2021.

When you look back and contemplate what made you feel complete, you rarely think about the things you owned, but about the moments you lived, the experiences.

The challenge for organizations today is to create characteristic…

In a previous post, we dove into the benefits and challenges of implementing conversational marketing. But, beyond AI-driven chats and 24/7 customer support teams, there’s a simpler and more transversal way to introduce a conversational element into your customer experience: By adopting a conversational writing style across your brand presence.

By Circe Galanternik at Postdigitalist

When you choose a content marketing agency, you’re choosing one of the most important partners your company’s marketing department will have. The right content marketing agency will amplify your brand voice and create opportunities to connect with your target audience and grow sustainably.

It’s an…

In the last couple of years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies began to reach increasingly wider audiences. Thus, exchanges, custodial wallets, and Dapps became accessible to those with no technical background or “insider” contacts.

While crypto is being welcomed with open arms into e-Commerce, Bloomberg et. al recognize a “rising Bitcoin…

According to stats compiled by the Content Marketing Institute in 2017, small businesses that blog receive 126% more leads than their non-blogging counterparts. And approximately 61% of US adults have made a purchase guided by a blog post.

There’s no doubt about it: Content marketing (and most specifically, blogging) works…

Lately, the question of whether brands should meme has taken on a new popularity. In the last few years, everyone from KFC to Gucci has done some sort of memeing (successful or otherwise), and the use of memes as part of social media strategy is only increasing.

So, before we…

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Many infopreneurs who teach how to “build a writing business” make a very interesting mistake. They usually drive aspiring writers through the journey of attracting clients (through a portfolio, a social media presence, or simply cold emails and good samples), pricing their services, and writing follow-ups. …

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